About Us

The Gladstone | UCSF Center for Cell Circuitry (GC3) is an initiative launched in 2017 with the goal of studying the circuits that are fundamental to biology. In living organisms of all shapes and sizes, circuits are essential to processing cell signals and making cell fate decisions.

GC3’s research focuses on HIV, CMV, and HSV-1 because of their inherent strategies to ensure viral fitness. These viruses engage in ‘bet-hedging’ between active and latent states, balancing success of transmission with virulence. They select for minimal circuits, making them excellent models to understand the core principles of these decision making processes.

There is promising potential for therapeutic treatment in targeting fate-regulating circuits. The future of our research seeks to understand the mechanisms cells utilize to control bet-hedging, and ultimately harness these mechanisms to prevent the spread of harmful viruses.

GC3 is committed to sharing the center's research, and the research of scientists from around the world, in order to stimulate further innovation in the field of cell circuitry. For more information on the events hosted by GC3, see the GC3 Seminars tab.